The historical battle of the warring country era of Japan is the theme.
The traditional martial arts in Japan were created in the peaceful 18th and 19th centuries.

Today, we are trying to restore the real tactics and martial arts of Samurai of the 16th Century (battle time).

Armored Samurai Battle Association was founded by Masashi YOKOYAMA Hanshi and it consists of Japanese and foreign martial artists, also professional fighters and so on. We have many participants from overseas at Armored Samurai Battle Festival.


Armored Samurai Battle Festival is held Several times throughout Japan in a year.
It attracts Japanese television and various media, and it has been aired on TV programs and so on. It was broadcasted many times by NHK TV (National TV), and it was aired on English version for 150 countries abroad. There was also an interview of the European television ARTE, etc.

People without martial arts experience can join safely. You can run with a spear and shoot a bow. There is also a role to stand behind the main unit without moving ... Join it!